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Racks assembly, display assembly, merchandising and much more. Explore the wide range of possibilities we have to offer.

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The scope of our offer is very wide thanks to the qualifications of our colleagues. That is why we are able to prepare a very interesting offer covering many tasks in your facilities.


Comprehensive re-design of shop space. From dismantling to all alterations, assemblies, shelf-stacking and labelling.

of racks

Assembly of all types of racks, from high-bay to cantilever and lighting racks.

of racks

Disassembly of all types of racks, including segregation according to customer requirements.


We provide merchandising services for any point of sale together with display arrangement, so that the products on offer are best displayed.


We offer a specialist review of any type of racking to ensure safety in commercial or storage areas.


Full stocking of a shop or a selected space from transport, through to shelf-stacking and labelling of products.

Comprehensive assembly of displays

Comprehensive re-design of shop space. From dismantling to all alterations, assemblies, shelf-stacking and labelling.


We provide stocktaking services.

Stand renovation

We offer a comprehensive renovation of a stand, starting from disassembly, through assembly of new elements or change of arrangement.

Work at height

We are authorised to work at heights. Installation of structural elements, lighting or advertising elements.


We offer a wide range of support services, ranging from simple support tasks, forklift transport, shelf-stacking, display arrangement and daily works.


Changing elements on a display. Packing and unpacking products, connecting or replacing.

construction works

We offer a full range of building works, from construction through finishing and installation work.

Design and implementation for the stand

We will prepare a dedicated solution tailored to your needs – from design to implementation.

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Our offer is very broad, but if you have not found the solution you need in our offer, please write us – we like challenges.

Sale and installation of racks

We are a certified rack retailer and assembler. Ask about a comprehensive offer for your investment.

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