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Racks assembly, display assembly, merchandising and much more. Explore the wide range of possibilities we have to offer.

Flexible offer, tailored to your needs.

The scope of our offer is extremely wide, due to the far-reaching qualifications of our co-workers. That is why we are able to prepare a very interesting offer, including numerous tasks to be performed in your facilities.

1250 +

completed projects

Our offer includes, among others,

Merchandising, Labelling, Exposition Change, Exposition of Products, Market Support

and much more…

Our coordinator will select co-workers, so that your project is implemented quickly and precisely.

We know how various jobs can be carried out in supermarkets, and our employees have gone through all of them. They have the necessary skills and experience for the cooperation to run smoothly, quickly and efficiently.

Assembly and disassembly of racks.

We ensure safety and reliability.

Safety and robust structures will ensure your full comfort.

We have already assembled kilometres of racks, both inside and outside of buildings. We have the necessary qualifications, certificates and training.

Our offer includes

Assembly, Disassembly, Maintenance, Inspections

We focus on continuous development. We provide regular training to guarantee safety.

Our employees have been working with us for many years and have appropriate qualifications to build robust and sturdy structures.

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Our experience allows us to accurately estimate the duration of the works, because we know how our customers treasure their time.

Aleksandra Gorczyca

tel. +48 697 001 225

Individually designated supervisor for your project

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Comprehensive installation of expositions

Comprehensive re-design of a store space.
From disassembly to any alterations, installations, shelf-stocking and labelling.

Comprehensive installation of expositions.

We provide comprehensive arrangements of stands and expositions. Beginning with the installation of fixed elements (doors, windows etc.), and ending with the complex kitchen and bathroom installations.

construction works

We offer a full range of building works, from construction through finishing and installation work.

Stand renovation

We offer a comprehensive renovation of a stand, starting from disassembly, through assembly of new elements or change of arrangement.

Work at height

We are authorised to work at heights. Installation of structural elements, lighting or advertising elements.


We offer a wide range of support services, ranging from simple support tasks, forklift transport, shelf-stacking, display arrangement and daily works


Changing elements on a display. Packing and unpacking products, connecting or replacing.


Full stocking of a shop or a selected space from transport, through to shelf-stacking and labelling of products

Design and implementation for the stand

We will prepare a dedicated solution tailored to your needs – from design to implementation.

Are you looking for different solutions?
Ask us if they are possible.

ur offer is very broad, but if you have not found the solution you need in our offer, please write us – we like challenges.

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of your redevelopment.

Our experience allows us to accurately estimate the duration of the works, because we know how our customers treasure their time.

Individually designated supervisor for your project
Aleksandra Gorczyca

tel. +48 697 001 225

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ul. Zacisze 5d/03 – Zacisze Park
65-775 Zielona Góra
tel. +48 697 001 225